Leaders in the design and manufacture of composite and fibreglass products for a wide range of industries including;

The Composite Group is an Industry leader

With over three decades in composite engineering producing fiberglass products of all descriptions, we have the experience and the ability to create anything in fiberglass. The Composite Group draws together the Reflex, Cresta and Bermuda Pools brands.

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We Are Your Competitive Advantage

We offer you unlimited possibilities to create your ideas.

Our many innovative production processes coupled with our design and development services and a can do attitude combine to give you a competitive advantage.

The range and diversity of the projects we have tackled is vast.

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New Technologies

The Composite Group has always been an early adopter of new technologies and methods. Taking this approach has seen us develop controlled injecting and vacuuming of resin, allowing us to build strong, light products from mould to finished item in an extremely short time frame. The process means we can offer high volume production and a quick turnaround from a mould.

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Composite Engineering

Composite engineering is the process of working with polyester and epoxy resins, fiberglass mat and cloth, carbon fibre and gelcoat.

Composite products have the benefit of being seamless, stronger, lighter and possess and almost unlimited lifespan, as well as being endlessly customizable in terms of size, shape and colour.

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Pattern and Mould Making

Our pattern making services employ both hand-made, CAD and laser cutting systems to generate a plug from which a mould can be taken.

We have a proven international track record and our loyal, stable workforce is a team that has earned its reputation through sheer hard work and dedication to quality – and they relish the challenge of an impossible task.

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