Where there is a need for a non-slip surface, an abrasion resistant surface or a completely water proofed area, The Composite Group offers Speedliner®.

Speedliner® is a two-pot spray on urethane polymer that cures on the surface to create an impervious layer with unparalleled strength and durability. It comes in a range of colours and is an ideal solution to refinishing tired and worn floors, decks and walls where a waterproof membrane is needed.


It is ideal for food preparation areas, wet areas such as changing rooms and showers, fishing boat holds and decks, over high density foam rub rails on boats, roofs, internal gutters, second story patios and decks, … in fact anywhere a durable, fully water proof coating is needed.

Speedliner® is manufactured by industrial polymers Inc. of Texas USA.
Industrial Polymers is a company that develops and custom manufactures urethane polymer products.

They have been producing Speedliner® since 1994 and we have been an agent/applicator for Speedliner® since 2004.