Composite engineering is the process of working with polyester and epoxy resins, fiberglass mat and cloth, carbon fibre and gelcoat.

Composite engineering enables us to create products that have the benefit of being seamless, stronger, lighter and possess and almost unlimited lifespan, as well as being endlessly customizable in terms of size, shape and colour.

Reinforcements such as carbon, Kevlar and aluminium can be added as part of the composite process, meaning that products can be designed to be lighter and stronger than a traditionally produced item.

Our strength in design and innovative processes combine to provide endless possibilities that are limited only by our imagination.

The Composite Group has revolutionized component design and production by providing complete solutions in the following sectors: Industrial, Transport, Motor homes, Architectural, Agriculture, Custom Moulding, Construction, Marine Leisure, Signage, Residential and Commercial Swimming pools, Tanks.