We have developed and manufactured a large array of transport products and solutions for vehicles as diverse as trucks, buses, motor homes, and even horse floats.

Designline’s award winning electrical bus

Fantastic shapes can be produced by liquid moulding techniques. This futuristic bus from Designline is a cutting edge low emission vehicle that is being trialled around the world. The concept and design is a credit to Designline and we are extremely proud to have been involved in the development of this state-of-the-art bus.

City bus parts

Our general moulding division manufactures components for Global Bus Ventures Ltd’s construction, offering a pattern making service, which constructs the plugs from which a mould is made. We also have a final assembly operation, where we fit mounting brackets and other hardware to complete each panel. The completed panels are then fitted to shipping jigs to protect them during transit and to ensure a perfect fit at the time of assembly.

Carbon Fibre components

Using a resin infusion process, we also make lightweight, strong components in carbon fibre, such as the internal ducting system for the interior of Real Journey’s coach. It not only looks good but is very light and strong. Any component that needs to be light and strong is ideally suited to carbon fibre construction. We supply external panels, roofs, dashboards, air conditioning, and heat ducting and a variety of other mouldings. These fibreglass panels reduce weight and assembly line labour.


ARC Over-bridge Safety Screen

Combine our years of experience and innovative processes with design by Pollen Limited and composite engineering from Gurit and the outcome is the ARC Over-bridge Safety Screen for electrified railways. The four interlocking components of the screens offer a practical solution to the overhead wire tampering issue. This robust product efficiently solves a problem and meets a need, while contributing a pleasing, colourful and dramatic aesthetic to the urban landscape.

The ARC Over-bridge Safety Screens installed over an electrified rail track to prevent tampering with the lines from the over bridge.


With our fibreglass manufacturing facilities and skilled staff we can repair your truck &/or trailer body, motorhome or caravan.

With our large vacuum panel table for manufacturing insulated body panels, we can also meet any specific panel needs you may have. We look forward to being of service to you. Request a meeting »