Composite architectural products including lightweight replica facades, and replica chimneys, shopping mall furniture, shop fittings and displays.

The Composite Group has worked on a large range of architectural and tourist focused projects that utilise the benefits of composite engineering to create complex shapes, durable components and innovative solutions that are beyond the possibilities of traditional construction methods.

Retail interiors and features

We have created a variety of custom components for use in the retail sector, including shop displays and interior features and shopping mall furniture.

Clock tower cellphone aerial

This project entailed building a clock tower edifice to cover an existing cellphone tower. Louvres in a church bell tower were also created to hide a cell phone aerial.

Hagley Band Rotunda restoration

We met the challenge of structurally reinforcing the iconic band rotunda by custom moulding pillars that both looked historically correct, and that would last for decades to come.

Heritage details

We can manufacture any architectural feature in light weight composite materials, including historic building facades, replacement chimney units and pillars. These are especially suitable for replacing earthquake damaged features.

Shop fitting
Stylish shop fittings – overhead lighting pod and yellow seats