The Composite Group develops composite fibreglass work for the Industrial Sector, including specialist items, covers, housings, tanks and more.

ARC Over-bridge Safety Screen

Combine our years of experience and innovative processes with design by Pollen Limited and composite engineering from Gurit and the outcome is the Auckland Regional Council’s (ARC) Over-bridge Safety Screen for electrified railways. The four interlocking fibreglass components of the screens offer a practical solution to the overhead wire tampering issue. This robust product efficiently solves a problem and meets a need, while contributing a pleasing, colourful and dramatic aesthetic to the urban landscape.

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ARC Over-bridge Safety Screen
Strong, lightweight & colourful fibreglass safety screens installed onto bridges above the electrified railways’ overhead wires.


Antarctic Laboratory

With ‘Antarctica New Zealand’ The Composite Group developed and then manufactured the internal fit-out of their new laboratory container that’s now located at Scott Base in Antarctica. The design was required to be watertight to prevent any moisture entering the laboratory, and fully insulated to withstand the -40 degree Celcius outside temperature.

The design includes insulated composite lined ceiling, wall and floor panels. Heating trace elements were fitted into the floors insulation panels, and around the pipe’s insulation cladding to prevent freezing. Shelf mounting brackets were moulded into the insulated walls to ensure the exterior steel cladding was not penetrated.

Antartica New Zealand’s insulated container laboratory fit-out bound for Scott Base.
Inset: Vacuum formed insulated Bi-fold doors, fibreglass outer skin.
Photos: Simon Shelton© Antarctica New Zealand (2016-17)

Heat Ranger frost fighting system

We created the moulds and the fibreglass body components for the Heat Ranger agricultural frost fighting system.

The 5 metre high unit uses fan forced, heated air out though two rotating ducts to increase the temperature of the air below the inversion layer, to reduce the risk of a frost forming. The Heat Ranger can cover most field shapes through its unique rotational air distribution management and, it is cost effective in both setup and operating costs per hectare covered. Heat Ranger is environmentally friendly, relatively quiet and very effective, giving it significant advantages over other frost management systems.

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The Industrial Heat Ranger frost fighting system


Modular structural flooring system

An innovative and proven fibreglass (FRP) structural floor that offers significant advantages over traditional structural systems used in pre fabricated construction. Created in a single mould process, this light weight, fully insulated, modular system allows flexibility in building layout and as it is a structural and self supporting flooring system, it contributes to lower site preparation and piling costs.

Easily transportable yet extremely strong and durable with a high tensile and comprehensive strength, the fibreglass panel(s) fits all current wall framing systems such as timber framing, steel or sandwich panel systems.

A stronger solution where ground movement is a concerned and, it has excellent insulation properties.

Once positioned on-site, the moulded-in tile look means there is no further finishing required and its composite FRP lifespan will exceed any building standards authority regulation three fold.

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modular structural flooring system
Above Left: The modular, structural, fibreglass flooring system with a timber frame installed in the purpose built recess that takes all wall framing systems.

Above Right: The various sized moulded fibreglass floor panels are simply bolted together to form a pre-finished floor supported by a pile foundation in each corner allowing fit-out of all room and balcony sizes.