CSP twin hull canoe

We are proud to be manufacturing the latest ‘CSP’ twin hulled fibreglass surf canoe, the WILD CAT model – that was previously made by Glen Taylor and his daughter Kelly. This latest model supersedes the ‘Top Cat’ model. The new sleek design and style of the WILD CAT model has refined the canoe to give a high performance in all conditions.

The WILD CAT canoe complies with Surf Life Saving New Zealand’s design specification and is manufactured in our Christchurch factory. Deliveries can be arranged for throughout New Zealand. Standard features include:

  • Adjustable track slider foot rests.
  • Mono foot wells for all the four seats
  • Venturi drain system.
  • Single Colour Deck. Multi-colours priced separately as an optional extra.
  • Single Colour Hull. Multi-colours priced separately as an optional extra.

We look forward to working with each of you as we manufacture and supply you your new canoe ready for your clubs enjoyment for all.

For all your CSP canoe enquiries please contact us on: